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System Requirements


General System Requirements


Operating System:


Browser Plug-ins:

Popup Blockers:

Portions of this site (uploading files, launching the media player) require pop-up windows to be enabled for LearnLive domains. For details on how to do this, view our popup blocker tutorial.

Internet Connection:

Note: The LearnLive platform uses an RTMP (TCP) based protocol, which by default runs on port 1935. If that connection does not succeed, RTMP will try to run on port 80 or try to tunnel RTMP over HTTP on port 80 (Some firewall configurations or proxy setups may prevent the use of tunneling). We recommend communicating over port 1935 for maximum performance. Port 80 tunneled can impact performance.

Compatability with Mobile Devices (Tablets, smart phones, etc.)

At this time, the LearnLive media player (the interface for displaying self-study, webcast, and rebroadcast content) is not compatible with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) nor with other mobile devices. A mobile-friendly media player is in development.

The university itself will run on most mobile devices, as will the administrative site; however some functionality, such as file upload/download and editing cue points, will not function. While the LearnLive administrative and university sites can be accessed via mobile devices, we do not guarantee functionality when used on any device other than the desktop browsers listed above.

Additional Requirements for Specific Features and Special Cases

If you are a presenter:

If you are an administrator:

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