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Program Groups Report


This report displays Each row represents

To run the report

  1. From anywhere in the administrative area, click Reports.
  2. From the Reports' list choose Program Groups.
  3. Choose the company from the dropdown menu.
  4. By default, the report will list all types of program groups, but you can filter it to a particular type (series, learning path, learning track, etc) using the Group Types dropdown.
  5. Indicate a time period using the From and To date selection controls.
  6. If you want a report that includes only one particular program group, enter the program group's ID (located on the program group's home page) in the field marked Program Group Id. If you use this field, data you enter in the other fields will be ignored and only data associated with that particular program group will be returned.
  7. Click Go to generate the report.
  8. You can export the report to CSV, Excel, PDF, or XML formats by clicking the appropriate link beneath the parameters.

You will first see an overview of all reports that meet your search criteria, if you used start and end date and other parameters to form a search. If you just typed in a specific program group ID, then you will see only one row in this view. See below.

To see the specific components of the group, click on the button which is the program group ID.

In the detail view, each row represents one session that is a component of the program group.

Interpreting the report

The program groups report keeps track of the status of users who have enrolled in the program group and also lists additional user info and program group component info.

Only users who have enrolled in the program group count towards the info in the program groups report. If the user enrolls in a session that happens to also belong to a program group, then that user does not get included in the report. In other words, to use a McDonald’s analogy, only people who purchased a Big Mac meal are displayed in the "Big Mac Meal" report; people who purchase only a "Big Mac" (sandwich only) are not included.

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