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Getting Started with LMS Version 2.0

New to the LearnLive platform? Start here:

Are you an existing LearnLive customer, but new to Version 2.0? Start here:

Welcome to the new help and support site for the LearnLive suite of products. This site covers our entire product range as of the release of LearnLive's second-generation Learning Management System (LMS). Although not a product in itself, the LMS is the foundation and scaffolding of all of our products. If you use CompassTM, ComplianceTM, or ContinuumTM, this new upgrade will revolutionize your workflow. Users of CaptureTM and ConnectTM will see some improvements in the way programs are constructed, but the core interfaces of those products, for both participants and presenters, will remain unchanged.

Training Videos

We will be producing a series of LearnLive CaptureTM-based presentations to help get you up and running on v 2.0 as quickly as possible.

===Training Presentations=== 

Known issues and Open Items

This is a list of known issues that we are currently in the process of resolving. Before filing a bug report, check this list to see if we've already found your problem and are working on fixing it. If your bug isn't on this list, let us know.

Known issues for Learning Management System

Known issues for Content Delivery system

Compliance Open Items

University help (temporary location)

See this page for the current draft of the help section included in the university experience: University help

Let us know what you think

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