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Known Issues List

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|V1 & V2
|Learning Track does not enroll user in all components
|Learning Track does not enroll user in all components

Revision as of 19:22, 3 February 2015

Issue Products Affected Product Version Description
9975/10036 Compliance/Compass V2 Issues with Saving Session Accreditation in Enroll & Pass area
TBA Compliance/Compass v2 "Revert" Button in Enroll & Pass isn't reverising changes
8347 Compliance V1 & V2 Reports/Compliance Overview/Minnesota: Credits are being doubled in the Excel export
9829 Compliance V1 & V2 Reporting Form/New Jersey: programs are being duplicated if they are accredited to more than 1 credit type
8456 Capture/Connect V2 Unable to load custom loading screen in player style
9973 Compass V2 Issue with Program Usage Report, Incorrect data: Completed Credits Column inaccurate
8319 Capture/Connect V2 Question Analysis Report doesn't work
TBA Compass V2 Can't Override Completion Dates in Enroll & Pass for External Programs
8767 Compass/Compliance V1 Custom program credits not being shown in Enroll & Pass
TBA Compass/Connect V2 Webcast Report incorrectly reporting total time of webcasts/rebroadcasts
8348 Compliance V1 & V2 Compliance/Reports/Compliance by Jurisdiction: Overview & Excel Export discrepancy.
8820 Compass V2 Purchase Report is not available
8144 Compliance V1 & V2 Texas: Need to Correct Ethics Period
8163 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/Arizona: 1/2 credits, new licensee ethics proration, teaching credit (Eff 02/04/14)
8223 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/North Carolina: Ethics Requirement & Carry Over Calculations
8222 Compliance V1 & V2 Rhode Island: A&A Requirement is Incorrect
8165 Compliance V1 & V2 Compliance/Michigan: Excess Year 2 Credits should apply to Year 1 Deficit
8167 Compliance V1 & V2 Michigan: Incorrect Carryover Limitations
8166 Compliance V1 & V2 Compliance/Michigan: Restriction Ranking Impacting Carryover
TBA Compliance V1 & V2 Previous Period Credits not counting for New Licensees
TBA Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/IRS RTRP: jurisdiction should be retired 12/31/2014 (Eff 06/26/14)
TBA Compass V2 Program Group Report must include a column indicating Total Program Group Enrollment
8158 Compass V2 User usage not yielding proper results (incorrect report)
TBA All products V2 Unable to Save Promo Codes or customize trigger/restrictions
8229 Compass V2 Users Enrolled Manually in Conference are not Auto-Enrolled in Required Sessions
8234 Compliance V1 & V2 Reports/Overview: Users with Disabled Jurisdictions Appear in Reports
8235 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/Kansas: various; audit req (Eff 03/21/14)
TBA Compliance V1 & V2 Compliance/Rule Change/Puerto Rico: new caps
8238 Compass V2 Invitation Preview, Invite Template do not match- inconsistent
8154 Compass V2 Reports on Programs missing 'Creation Date' for Self-Study
8246 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/NACVA: extensive; various changes (Eff 2014 on)
8247 Compliance V1 & V2 District of Columbia: Self Study Credits Should Count as 1/2
8248 Capture V2 View/Reset Attempts buttons are not functioning as they should
8249 Capture V2 "Fill in the blank" quiz question is not working
8187 Compass V1 & V2 External Program Creation: Certificate and Compliance references incorrect Date (only when set up by end user)
8252 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/Arkansas: various changes (Eff 01/01/15)
8256 Compass V1 & V2 Learning Track does not enroll user in all components
8257 Compliance V1 & V2 Compliance/California: A&A requirement is showing when it shouldn't
8149 Compass V1 & V2 Evaluations are being sent to users who are not Enrolled/Passed (Lindbergh)
8259 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/Nebraska: Personal Dev (Eff 01/01/14)
8260 Compliance V1 & V2 Rule Change/Nevada: Conditional A&A Req (Eff 01/01/14)
TBA Compliance V1 & V2 Reporting Form/Nevada: forms are intermittently coming up blank
8148 Compass V1 & V2 System emails- Invitation email to non LearnLive user will not redirect the user to the session details page of the public university
8270 Compass V2 Evaluation button is not available for users who have enrolled in a classroom session when the Allow Early Classroom Evaluations setting is on
TBA Capture/Connect V2 Handout titles not appearing on programs migrated from v1