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Below is a list of help topics tailored for the LearnLive CompassTM product. If you do not see the topic you are looking for, or to see the full list of topics for the entire LearnLive platform, see Continuum.



Getting started

Understanding the LearnLive system

Version 2.0: FAQ

System Requirements

View the administrative dashboard

View a university

Use the calendar

Customize your dashboard

Additional Resources

Submit a feature request

Report a bug


Working with users

Understanding user profiles

Search for one or more users

View a user profile

View a user's completed programs

View a user's enrolled programs

View a user's required programs

Enroll users in a session of a program

Un-enroll users from a session of a program

Pass a user for a session

View user groups to which a user belongs

Create a user profile

Edit an existing user profile

Add or edit many users in bulk

Transfer a user with an existing LearnLive account into your company

Remove a user profile

Expire a user profile

Set a user profile to expire on a future date

Create a reference to an instructor

Reset the score for a participant in a program

Assign custom credit to a participant for a program

Assign instructor credit to an instructor for a program

Log in as a different user

Add custom fields to all user profiles

Approve or deny enrollment requests

Working with user groups

Understanding user groups

Search for one or more user groups

Create user groups

Grant user groups access to a catalog

Working with coaches

Designate a user as a coach

Assign a coach to a participant

Assign a participant to a coach

Manage coaches


Working with programs

Understanding programs and sessions

Search for one or more programs

Create a new program

Assign practice areas to a program

Assign fields of study to a program

Add a single program to one or more catalogs

Add one or more programs to a single catalog

Remove a program from a catalog

Duplicate a program

Edit a program

Delete a program

Invite users via email to enroll in a program

Assign a required program to one user

Assign a required program to a group of users

View program details

Upload handouts for a program

Upload a glossary for a program

Upload a transcript of a program

Upload documents to a program for storage

Access previously uploaded files for program

Create a program that launches via AICC

Create a program that uses SCORM files

Working with external programs

Create an external program record

Tracking user completion of external program records

Working with sessions

Understanding programs and sessions

Create a session of a program

Duplicate a session of a program

Enroll users in a session of a program

Un-enroll users from a session of a program

Assign certificates to a session

Assign credit values for a session

Customize the accreditation for a session

Attach an evaluation to a session

Assign a location to a session

Pass a user for a session

Reset the score for a participant in a program

Assign a close enrollment date for a session of a program

Assign a close un-enrollment date for a session of a program

View users who have enrolled for a session

Email all enrolled users of a session

Assign an instructor to a program session

Assign a limit to the number of users that can enroll in a session

Assign a price to a session

Require permission for users to enroll in a session

Enable a waitlist for a session

Change the start and end times of a session

Cancel a session of a program

Delete a session of a program

Solicit evaluations for a session

View collected evaluations for a session

Export list of participants who have enrolled in a particular session to Excel

Classroom sessions

Create a classroom session

Obtain sign-in sheets for a classroom session

Allow a participant to proctor a session

Learning activity sessions

Create a learning activity session

Working with program groups

Understanding program groups

Waive completion requirements for a user in a program group

Assign program group to a user or group of users

Learning Paths

Create a learning path

Assign programs to a learning path

Set completion requirement for a learning path

Assign due dates to a learning path

Learning Tracks

Create a learning track

Add programs to a learning track

Program Series

Create a series

Add sessions to a series


Create a conference

Add sessions to a conference

Working with certificates

Create a custom certificate design

Download a certificate for a single user in a single program

Download certificates for a single user for multiple or all programs


Running standard reports

Run a standard report

Schedule a report to be emailed

Customizing reports

// tbd


Working with catalogs

Create a catalog

Add a catalog to a university

Remove a catalog from a university

Grant user groups access to a catalog

Use catalogs from an outside company or content provider

Share a catalog with other companies

Working with universities

Edit an existing university

Create or reset a pass code for a university

Set up a university for paid content and ecommerce

Issue a refund for paid content

Create a discount or promotional code for paid content

Change or customize the theme for a university

Set the default media player style for a university

Set the default media player configuration for a university

Create or edit a media player style

Create or edit a media player configuration

Add shared content from another company to your university

Managing email and messaging

Edit email templates

Edit email settings

Managing your company settings

Edit your company settings

Understanding system roles

Edit system roles

Create sponsors

Create practice areas

Create certificates

Create evaluations

Create offices

Create locations

Create a child company

Share your content with other companies

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