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Version 2.0: FAQ


What do I need to do to get onto the new Version 2.0 system?

First, watch for an email from your account manager to see when your company’s existing data will be copied over into the new system. Once that happens, you should check over your data, familiarize yourself with the new administrative workflows, and customize any aspects of the new system you’d like, such as email wording, university branding, and so forth. Then you’ll need to consult again with your account manager to agree on a date that you’d like your end users to start using Version 2.0. When both you and your account manager are confident that your existing data is intact and your account in the new system is ready for use, we will perform the final switch-over and you’ll be off and running.

When will my company’s data be migrated onto the new system?

Your data move will not happen all at once; we will do one initial movement, consult with you to resolve any problems, and after that, we will periodically update any additional data, such as user records, that you might have added to the existing system. We cannot guarantee any particular date at this time.

When can I start using the new system?

You may begin using the new system to create new content as soon as you receive a user id and password. However, we suggest that for day-to-day operations you continue to use Version 1 until you and your account manager together decide that you are to begin taking advantage of the new system.

When will the new system be ready for end users to make use of it?

When both you and your account manager are confident that your existing data is intact and your account in the new system is ready for use, we will perform the final switch-over to the new system for your end users. We anticipate this to happen sometime in the next several months, but the actual date for your company will vary depending on your individual needs and training schedule.

I have a training curriculum to plan and build for 2014. Should I begin doing that now on the current version or wait for Version 2.0?

There is no need to delay your curriculum development to wait for Version 2.0. Any programs you construct in Version 1.0 can be copied over into Version 2.0. If you are very keen on using some of the new features in Version 2.0, such as the improved functionality of program groups, and the ability to leverage multiple sessions of the same program, and you feel you will have ample time later in the year to construct programs making use of these features, you may consider waiting, but the choice is yours.

What will I need to do once my company data is copied over into Version 2.0?

You should take some time to see how your user records and programs have migrated into the new system. You should preview the university experience that your end users will have with your existing programs in the new system. You should determine what, if any, customizations you would like to make to your end users’ university experience. You should familiarize yourself with new reporting tools.

You should spot-check user completion records and compliance records for accuracy. If you notice changes or discrepancies, let us know by using the “send us feedback” link in the lower left corner of the administration area, or email your account representative. The majority of your work in migration is simply familiarizing yourself with the new features and new workflows.

After my company data is copied into Version 2.0, will my information be visible in both Version 1.0 and Version 2.0?

Your information will be fully usable in Version 2.0 as soon as it has been copied over. Your information will also remain usable in Version 1.0 until your migration process is fully complete. However, not all changes you make in Version 1.0 will be immediately accessible in Version 2.0. We will be performing periodic “sweeps” of your data stored Version 1.0 and copying those changes into Version 2.0, however we cannot make any guarantees on the dates or frequency of those updates. Once you are ready to cease using Version 1.0, we will make one final sweep of that data into Version 2.0, so that nothing you have created in Version 1.0 will have been lost. Changes you make in Version 2.0 will not be reflected back into Version 1.0 under any circumstances. Any new programs, users, etc. that you create in Version 2.0 cannot be regressed to Version 1.0.

If I make changes to my existing data in Version 2.0, will those changes remain in place permanently?

During the transition period, if you use Version 2.0 to make changes to an object created in Version 1.0, those changes may be “reverted” with the next data migration “sweep” from Version 1.0 to version 2.0. For example, suppose that your inventory of programs from Version 1.0 has just been copied over into Version 2.0. You have an existing program, created in Version 1.0, called “Introduction to Forensics.” In version 2.0, you change the title to “Basic Forensics.” Then, a month later, when your Version 1.0 data is refreshed into Version 2.0, the old title “Introduction to Forensics” will replace your change because that program was initially created in Version 1.0.

However, suppose you created a new program called “Basic Forensics.” No subsequent data migrations of Version 1.0 data will affect this in any way because the program did not exist in Version 1.0. For this reason, we strongly suggest that, until you are ready to complete the migration process and move your end users onto Version 2.0 permanently, you continue to use Version 1.0 to modify existing content and user records and use Version 2.0 only to create new content.

After my data is copied over into Version 2.0, will I be able to pull reports on Version 1.0 programs in Version 2.0?

You will be able to report on any data in Version 2.0 from Version 2.0. If the data for the programs in question exists in Version 2.0, you will be able to report on it in Version 2.0. If you create new data in Version 1.0, after your initial data migration, you will need to wait for that new data to be copied over into Version 2.0 before you can report on in it Version 2.0. In the meantime, continue to use Version 1.0 for reporting on that data.

What help information is available?

LearnLive LMS version 2.0 is fully documented at http://help.learnlive.com.

How do I access the help system?

Go to http://help.learnlive.com and use the special help system login credentials supplied to you by your account manager. Once the new system is finalized, you will be able to access the help system seamlessly from the administrative area without a separate log in.

Is there additional training for this system?

We will be releasing online training materials that provide an overview and introduction to the new system. These will become available in late February and March. We will also host Q&A sessions to help you through the transition. We will announce dates and times for these sessions via email and on our company blog in the coming weeks.

Will the data I put into this new system get wiped out?

All new data you enter into the new system will be retained, unless, of course, you delete it yourself.

Who do I contact if I encounter a bug in the new system?

You are welcome to send us your feedback and issues at any time. In the administrative area, you will see a link in the lower left corner of the screen, beneath the main menu, labeled “Send us feedback.” Click this link and use the web form to contact us. We carefully read every item you send us, but we cannot guarantee a personal response to every submission. Beginning in April, we will maintain a list of known issues and their statuses on help.learnlive.com and we will announce bug fixes on the blog as they become available.

Is there a list of known issues somewhere that I can see?

We maintain a list of known issues here: Known issues for Learning Management System. Major bug fixes and feature improvements will also be announced on our blog, http://blog.learnlive.com.

Who can I contact if I want to locate a feature that I have heard is present in Version 2.0 but cannot locate?

The easiest way to locate a feature is by browsing down the master help documentation index. It is divided by LearnLive product (Connect, Capture, Compliance, Compass, Continuum), and within each product, help topics are conveniently organized in the same manner as the main menu of the system (Users, Programs, Compliance, Reports, Company).

Who can I contact if the help documentation does not answer my questions?

Contact one of our LMS Support Specialists at 877-787-7410.

Will a similar ‘help’ feature be available to our end users?

The new university site contains its own online help system, which is separate from the administrative support documentation. To see the end user help documentation, from the administrative area click the link labeled “University” in the lower left corner of the screen (beneath the main menu) and click the name of your university. You will enter the university site of your choice. From there click “Help” on the main menu bar of the university site (in the upper right corner of the screen).

Will there be any difference in the way that v.1 programs appear in Version 2.0?

The media player interfaces for webcasts and self-study programs will not change for Version 2.0, so there will be no visible difference to end users. The catalog pages of your university site will be formatted in a more user-friendly manner, and the enrollment and launch processes will be slightly more efficient, but will not differ dramatically from Version 1.0.

I have heard about the new model for programs in Version 2.0 which uses multiple sessions for a single parent program. How will my existing courses and webcasts fit into that model? Will I need to re-author anything?

The ability to create multiple sessions of a program is a powerful new feature in LMS Version 2.0, but we understand that you may need some time to explore its possibilities. This is why your existing data will be migrated to the new model with as few differences as possible, to allow you to continue working with your existing content in much the same way as you always have.

In the new model, programs are shells that contain catalog information and file assets. Individual sessions exist within each program. This differs significantly from the current model, but migration will require no additional work for you. Suppose you have a webcast created in Version 1.0. This will be reflected in Version 2.0 as a program containing a single session of type “webcast.” Suppose you have a self-study course you created in Version 1.0; this becomes a single program containing a single session of type “self-study.” For your end users, enrollment in a program and enrollment in the single session of that program will be virtually the same—end users will still see a single “enroll” button and clicking that button will enroll them appropriately. You may choose to introduce programs with multiple sessions to your end users on your own schedule, at your own discretion.

I have heard about Version 2.0 using multiple universities and catalogs. Will I need to learn about these and set them up before I can begin using Version 2.0?

We have designed Version 2.0 with the flexibility to allow you to take advantage of multiple catalogs and universities, but we understand you may need some time to explore those advantages. When your account is set up in Version 2.0, by default you will have one university per company account, and one catalog per company account, which is already linked to the appropriate university. All of your existing programs will exist in this catalog (provided they were in your catalog in Version 1.0) and will be accessible through this university just as in the current system. You will not need to make any changes to this configuration if you wish to continue using the catalog and university system as it exists in Version 1.0.

Will my saved reports be available in Version 2.0?

Because our reporting system is being substantially upgraded, we will not be able to save the specific settings for reports saved in version 1.0.

Will end users’ login information change in the new system?

No. Existing username and login information will remain the same, and your end users will be able to log in to Version 2.0 with the same credentials they currently use.

How will my end users’ experience change?

Your end users will notice a dramatic upgrade to their university’s speed, responsiveness, and aesthetics. Your end users will notice that the search features are dramatically faster, more comprehensive, and easier to use. They will see the new site laid out in the same general manner as before, with the same major pages (My Catalog, My Learning, My Compliance, etc.) We anticipate that your end users will be pleasantly surprised, but not confused, by the changes coming.

To preview your end users’ experience, from the administrative area click the link labeled “University” in the lower left corner of the screen (beneath the main menu) and click the name of your university. You will enter the university site of your choice.

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