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Training Presentations


Admin Interface Tour and Search Basics

A quick tour around the new administrative interface, the guiding principles of its organization, and a brief demonstration on how to search for a user and a program using the new search features.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 14:00)

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Building a User Profile

Explanation of the new universal LearnLive logins, how they work, and an explanation of what user profile information is shared amongst multiple companies, and what is kept private. Demonstration of how to create a simple user profile, and how to upload users in bulk using Microsoft Excel™.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 11:00)

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Enrolling & Passing Users

The “enroll & pass tool”, the workhorse of the current system, gets a makeover and gains a lot of flexibility. How to take advantage of workflow shortcuts to speed up your enrollment and proctoring process.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 8:25)

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Creating Programs and Managing Program Assets

Introduction to the different kinds of content, media, and support files you can use in a program, how to upload them into the system, assign them to different session types, and update them when necessary.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 21:35)

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Creating a Webcast

End-to-end walk-through of the process of building a webcast, from initial program creation through asset uploads, poll creation, and launch.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 16:35)

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Creating a Self-Study Session

End-to-end walk-through of the process of building a self-study session, from program creation through asset uploads, quiz creation, slide timing, and testing.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 24:18)

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Classroom Training, Sign-in Sheets, and Proctoring

End-to-end walk-through of the process of building a classroom training session, from initial program creation through uploading handouts, enrolling, and proctoring attendees from both administrative and university environments.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 21:48)

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Introduction to Compliance

How to fill out the jurisdiction information for a user enrolled in multiple jurisdictions, and how to correctly update jurisdiction information over time

Watch the video (.wmv format, 15:25)

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Managing Your Universities

Manage a university, add catalogs to it, and customize its appearance and configuration.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 16:56)

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Working with User Groups and Multiple Catalogs

How to control users' access to programs using user groups and multiple catalogs.

Watch the video (.wmv format, 18:44)

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Working With Learning Paths, Tracks, and Series

A discussion of the different kinds of program groups offered in the LearnLive system, how to pick the one that's right for your needs, and how to set it up.

(.wmv format, 11:36)

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Working With External Program Records

End-to-end walk-through of the process of creating an external program record, from initial creation to uploading a certificate.

(.wmv format, 7:10)

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