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LearnLive Help:FAQ


I'm new to this. Where do I start?

First, you should determine what LearnLive products are included in your contract with LearnLive (see the next question below). The help articles that pertain to you will be in the section on the left for your product(s): Capture, Connect, Compass, Compliance, and Continuu. Regardless of which LearnLive product you have, the following articles will help you understand how our system works. If you have more than one product, the same principles apply across the whole system.

One you understand the basic platform, you can get started with whichever products are appropriate for you.

How do I know what product(s) I have?

If you're not sure, have a look at Product Features and Comparison. If you have the "delivery platform", you have Capture and Connect. If you have the "Learning Management System", then you have Compass. If you have "everything", then you have Continuum.

How do I search for a topic?

Type the word(s) into the input box in the upper left (below the LearnLive logo) and click "Search".

What's the difference between "Go" and "Search"?

If you know the name of the article you want (.e.g. "Create a user profile"), you can enter it into the box and click "Go" and you'll be taken straight to it. If you are looking for ALL references to a certain term (e.g., NASBA), enter "NASBA" into the search box and click "Search" to see a list of articles in which NASBA is mentioned.

Why are some topics repeated in different sections?

The Help documentation is separated out by product, and many tasks are identical to each other regardless of what product you are using. For example, "Create a user profile" is listed in the index for both the Connect and the Compass sections-- and both links lead to exactly the same page.

We have also cross-referenced some articles in multiple sections to make them easier to find-- e.g., "Grant user groups access to a catalog" appears in both the section "Working with User Groups" and "Working with catalogs" because you might expect to find it in either place.

My page doesn't look like the one in the screenshot. What does that mean?

Sometimes small interface changes occur in our products. We do our best to keep all documentation updated, but some small differences may be apparent. Also, depending on the product(s) you have, and depending on what web browser you are using, some screens might look different than the examples.

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