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Add or edit many users in bulk

Often, it may be more efficient to create many new users at once, or to edit many users at once, rather than doing so one at a time. The LearnLive system offers two ways to accomplish this.

If you have your own LMS or HRS system, you may take advantage of the LearnLive API to interface the LearnLive system with your own.

A simpler method is to upload user profiles in bulk via a Microsoft ExcelTM tab-delimited text file. To do this, you will first need to download a template in tab-delimited format, and then populate it with your user data. Once your user data is populated, you can upload the finished file.


Navigate to the bulk upload page

  1. From anywhere in the admin area, click Users.
  2. You will be taken to the Users hub, and there look for the menu item Create/Edit users in bulk.
    Image: Bulk_upload_a.png

Obtain a blank template

  1. On the resulting page, locate the link for the Microsoft ExcelTM template, located on the upper left area of the screen. It is labeled Click here for the tab delimited sheet to use. Click this link.
    Image: Bulk_upload_b.png
  2. The template file will be downloaded to your local computer, typically to your "Downloads" folder, and will be named [Your Company Name]_UploadForm.txt. The file extension will be .txt. Do not change the file extension or format.

Open the template and populate it using Microsoft Excel

  1. Open the file using Microsoft ExcelTM. Follow these steps:
    • Open Excel
    • Select "file > open..."
    • In the "Open..." dialog box, change the file types dropdown in the bottom right to All Files(*.*).
      Image: Bulk_upload_c.png
    • Browse to the template file on your computer and click Open.
    • Because the .txt file is tab-delimited, Microsoft Excel will interpret it as a spreadsheet.
  2. As Microsoft Excel opens the tab-delimited template, you will see a series of dialog boxes appear, called the "Text Import Wizard". Follow the prompts in these dialog boxes. The default settings should be appropriate, but check to make sure they are kept as shown below.
    Image: Bulk_upload_d.png
    Image: Bulk_upoload_e.png‎
    Image: Bulk_upload_f.png
  3. Finally the spreadsheet will be fully open. It should look as shown below. Fill in or merge in the data for the users you wish to affect.
    Image: Bulk_upload_g.png
  4. In Microsoft Excel, click Save. You will see a warning dialog as shown below. Click Yes in the warning dialog. This will preserve the tab-delimited format so that it will upload properly.(Do NOT change the file format or choose Save as...).
    Image: Bulk_upload_h.png

Upload the populated file to the server

  1. From your local computer, do one of the following:
    • If your browser is Internet Explorer, click the Browse button in the center of the screen, find your tab-delimited file, choose it, and click Open.
      Image: Bulk_upload_j.png
    • If you are using other supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can drag the file into the area on the page marked "Drop your file here."
      Image: Bulk_upload_i.png
  2. Once your file is uploaded you will see a table appear in the page, loaded with the data you just uploaded.
    Image: Bulk_upload_k.png
  3. At the bottom of the page, you will see a component marked "Assign users to system role" and a drop-down menu. If the users you are uploading are intended to be participants (professionals or end users), make sure "participant" is selected (it should be the default). To use the bulk upload in this fashion, all the users you upload at once need to have the same system role in common. If you intend to add users with other system roles, we suggest you create them all with the system role "participant" initially and then edit the user accounts later to account for additional system roles.
  4. Missing data in required fields will be marked in red, as shown below. If you wish to edit any of the data at this point, you may do so by clicking on any of the cells in the table.
    Image: Bulk_upload_L.png
  5. Once you are sure your data is accurate, click Submit at the bottom and the user records will be added/updated on the server.When the process is complete, your screen will resemble the image below.
    Image: Bulk_upload_m.png

Note: As of July 2014, there is a small known issue where, if you designate address fields in your bulk upload AND designate an office in the "office" column, the "office" column will override the address and the address will not be recorded. In most cases this is not a problem, as you may generally want the user profile to use the office address anyway. In the case where you want to designate an office AND designate a personal address, use the personal address in the initial upload, and then manually edit the user profiles later to add an office.

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